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NHCmod OF (v1.4d)
Filename: nhcmod_of_v1.4d.zip

Date Added:
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45.49 MB
CoH or OF with 2.501
Opposing Fronts > Mods

Average User Rating: 8.9
Number of Votes: 30
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NHCmod OF (v1.4d) - File Description  

This version of the NHC mod is directed at those who currently do not own a copy of Tales Of Valor and have patched the game to version 2.500 and 2.501. The fixes mainly adress the text and custom map errors making them show up incorrectly.

For detailed information please check the readme file below.


NHCmod OF (v1.4d) - Screenshots  
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NHCmod OF (v1.4d) - File Download Options  

Primary Download Locations:
Provided by:
Worldwide Mirror by FileFront
usa - USA Central USA Central

Download from Worldwide Mirror by FileFront Download NHCmod OF!

NHCmod OF (v1.4d) - Readme  
Readme File:
NHCmod OF version 1.4d
By AB2531

Major Features
Dead corpses stay, artillery range increased, pop cap increased, new units, each side has one hero unit.
(Ce Mod est aussi francophone)

1) Delete any previous version of the NHCmod
2) Execute and follow the instruction of the installer.
3) Just Click on the shortcut created on your desktop to play the mod!

uninstallation: just click on the uninstaller

NHCmod OF version 1.4d upgrade:
- The OF version 1.4d is now fully compatible with the patch 2.501.
There are only minor changes compared to the v1.4b:
- PE Schwimwagen behave correctly with its mg 42
- Artillery animation fixed
- Symbol of pak 43 changed
- Symbol of axis artillery changed
- Heroes must gain more experiences to gain veterancy levels

NHCmod OF version 1.4b upgrade:
- Mod works with the patch 2.400 (only)
- FG42 added to axis supply truck
- axis hard and expert AI will research veterancy

NHCmod OF version 1.4:
NEW unit:
Bren Carrier with flamethrowers: Its name is explicit enough. It is a Bren carrier equiped with flamethrowers.

- artillery bug fixed
- goliaths are garrisonable
- mp40 added to the Axis supply truck.
- Bren carrier with flamethrowers added.
- Level 4 veterancy added to heroes.
- New art for axis Fixed artillery.
- Union Jack added to British HQ.
- PE Panther are buildable.
- Infantry inside wooden bunkers can survive when it is destroyed.
- Smoke barrage added to commando Mortar.
- Powell cost increased.
- Flammenwerfer team cost increased.
- Medics will have more time to rescue fallen wounded soldiers.

Full list of NEW UNITS of the mod:

- Mass-produced Sherman
It costs less time to be built and is cheaper. But It can't be upgraded with the 76mm gun and is weaker
but it is faster.
It allows allies to have more tanks so they will not be outnumbered by german tanks. It can be upgraded
with Armor Skirts instead of Crab Mine Flail. (He has a green skin)

- Radio Operator (From Dawn of Conflict mod by Kamino)
He can call Air recon flight and artillery Support on the battlefield. You can't have more than 2 of them.
They can be trained in the Weapons Support Center.

- Scout:
cheap recon unit, can detect sniper and capture strategic points, can use camouflage, have long sight,
can be built in the barrack and sometimes the HQ.
Only 3 available.

- lieutenant Powell (Hero = only one available)
(from Medal of Honor...) a super ranger that can beat any infantry squad with only his M1Garand :)
He can be built in the barrack. He can be upgraded with his thomson that make him extremely effective in close
but rather ineffective at long range.

- US Priest
It is the Priest. Now buildable in the tank depot

- US Stuart
It is the Stuart, now buildable in the motor pool.

- the Supply truck: Gives some manpower, fuel and ammunition.
It is very useful because it can also produce weapons like thomson, BAR, M9Bazooka. The supply truck can also reinforce
troops and transport them.
It can be produced in the Logistic Support

- 76 mm AT gun (added to US)
More powerful and moves slower than the 57 mm AT gun.

- Pershing Ace (added to US)
A Pershing driven by elite crews. It can be called only once per game.

- Medic
This guy will heal your wounded soldiers. He is unarmed.

- Schwimmwagen
A light car suited to reconaissance duties due to it's high speed, acceleration and it's ability to ford waterway crossings without previous preparation.
Is armed with only an MG42, and can capture strategic points.

- Bunker with 88mm Pak 43
The 88mm Pak 43 has the same firepower as the Flak 88 but it can only fire toward a fixed direction.
(defense doctrine required)

- Flammenwerfer Team
It is a team of 3 flamethrowers extremely effective against infantry at short range. I had to create them
because too many people wanted something to counter Powell. They may be built in the Wehrmacht Quarters
but require the Escalate to Skirmish Phase. Only 3 squads available.

- the Supply truck: Gives some manpower, fuel and ammunition.
It is very useful because it can also produce weapons like mp40,mp44,mg42,panzerschreck. The supply truck can also reinforce
troops and transport them.
It can be produced in the Sturm Armory

- Scout:
cheap recon unit, can detect sniper and capture strategic points, can use camouflage, have long sight
can be built in the barrack and sometime the HQ (yeah, sometimes...it doesn't work. I dont know why)

- The Eselschreck: a very special unit that Relic has created... :)
I let you guess how to build it. Note: The AI will NEVER build it.

- The Officer (Hero = only one available)
The officer can be upgraded with a mp44. (His mp44 is very effective like the Powell's Thomson)

- The Hilter-Jugend squad: the Hitler Jugend was an organisation which indoctrinated young children with
The nazi's ideology. Thereby, when they were old enough, lots of these young boys (and girls) fought against the allies.
They can be produced with the 'Zeal' upgrade from the propaganda tactics. Propaganda doctrine Required

- Tiger ace
A black Tiger driven by an elite crew. Only one available per game.

- Fixed artillery
Only available to the Defense doctrine of the wehrmacht. It is automatically
on overwatch mode. It can also fire at very long range.
cost= 450 Manpower and 75 fuel

- Firefly Ace
A Firefly driven by elite crews. It can be called only once per game.

- Staghound Armoured Car
A 4 wheeled armoured car developed by the U.S., but adopted by British forces as the Staghound.
Armed with a 37mm main gun and 2x .30 caliber machineguns restrict this vehicle to anti-infantry and
light anti-tank duties, but the advantage of being wheeled is good speed which make it ideal for a reconaissance role.

- 6 pounder AT gun
Lighter than the 17 pounder, it is also less powerful, cheaper. It is equivalent to the 57mm AT gun.

- Mobile AT 17 pounder
It is the fearsome British AT 17 pounder and it can now move on the battlefield. Its price and its very slow speed compensate its great firepower.

- The Royal Engineer
They can repair much faster and make vehicle stronger, recover destroyed vehicles and they also build faster.
The Royal Engineer support is required to call them.

- Medic
This guy will heal your wounded soldiers. He is unarmed.

- The SAS squad (Hero = only one available):
A squad of highly trained commando that can perform many task as destroy bridges, lay traps, attack behind enemy lines.
'Call the RAF' upgrade required. They can be paradropped anywhere on the battlefield. They are the most versatile squad,
The squad is composed of one sniper, one man with a Bren, one with a bazooka and a field medic with a sten.

- the Supply truck: Gives some manpower, fuel and ammunition.
It is very useful because it can also produce weapons like thomson, BAR, M9Bazooka, Bren and Piat. The supply truck can also reinforce
troops and transport them.
It can be produced in the Field Support Truck

- Scottish squad
Exactly the same as Infantry Section but they wear Scottish kilts.

- Bren Carrier with flamethrowers
It is a Bren carrier equiped with flamethrowers.

- Radio
Allow you to call reinforcements and the RAF.

Panzer Elite

- the Supply truck, nearly the same as the one of the wehrmacht. It is also an half-track, so it can defend itself when there is troops inside.
It can also produce mortar and heavy MG42.

- Special Pioneers
They are the only unit in the PE that can detect mines. They can build defences, trenches lay mines, destroy bridges, repair vehicles and buildings.
They can also build PantherTurm and Mortar Bunker.

- Wilhelm Deinhard (Hero = only one available):
An officer equipped with an mp44. It can be upgraded with his Gewehr 43 sniper Rifle and become the probably best sniper of the game. He can be
produced in the Panzer-Jager Kommand

- SdKfz.161/2 Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf. H
This Panzer IV is equipped with a Longer 7.5 cm KwK 40 L/48 gun, which has a better penetration against heavy armor. It can be produced in
the Panzer-Support Kommand.

- Elite King Tiger
A King Tiger driven by elite crews. It can be called only once per game.

- Schwimmwagen
A light car suited to reconaissance duties due to it's high speed, acceleration and it's ability to ford waterway crossings without previous preparation.
It can be equiped with an MG42, and can capture strategic points.

- Bunker with 88mm Pak 43
The 88mm Pak 43 has the same firepower as the Flak 88 but it can only fire toward a fixed direction.
(PanzerJager tactic required)

- Nashorn
The Nashorn is a selfpropelled 88mm gun PaK 43 based on the modified chassis of a Panzer IV. It is fragile so protect it.
(PanzerJager tactic required)

- Medic
This guy will heal your wounded soldiers. He is unarmed.

- Tiger ace
A black Tiger driven by an elite crew. Only one available per game.

- pak38, panther and Volksgrenadiers
They are nearly identical to the Whermacht's ones.

-- US Company buff

Infantry company
- This company have reduced mine cost
- They can build rangers
- Infantry cost reduced
- Riflemen can build trenches.
- Veteran infantry upgrade available

Airbone Company
- They can call snipers on the battlefield. (Paratrooper upgrade required)
- strafe, recon and bombing cost reduced.
- P-47 overwatch new ability available.

Armor Company
- They can call as many pershing as they want (If you have enough ressource of course...)
- reduced tank cost.
- Veteran tank upgrade available.

-- CommonWealth support buff

Canadian Artillery buff
- Artillery range increased
- Supercharge range increased
- overwatch range increased

Commando buff
- Commando paratroopers available
- Commandos can be upgrade with piat
- Jeep available at glider
- Commando sniper available at Gliders
- HQ glider can heal wounded troops

Royal Engineer buff
- Can call an new unit: The Royal Engineer, they can repair faster and make vehicle stronger and also recover
destroyed vehicles.
- All Churchills reinforcement cost reduced by 10%.

-- Wherlacht Doctrines buff

Defence doctrine
- Reduced mines cost
- Reduced buildings cost
- stronger bunker and flakvierling.
- Pioneers can build Trenches, PantherTurm, Fixed Artillery position and bunkers with pak 43.

Blitzkrieg doctrine
- Reduced cost of some basic units
- Blietzkrieg ability last longer.
- Tiger Reinforcement also gives a Stormtrooper squad.
- Stuh reinforcement also gives a Stormtrooper squad.
- Can call an Henschel for air cover.

Propaganda doctrine
- they can call Hilter-Jugend squads:
They are weaker than regular troops, can't be reinforced, and have random weapons.
But they don't cost too much. You can't have more than 6 squads.
- 2 King Tigers are avaible instead of 1.
- 2 V1 rockets can be launched at the same time.

-- Panzer Elite tactics buff

Scorched Earth Tactics
- bobby trapp recharge time reduced
- Nebelwerfer available.
- SdKfZ 251 with Wurfrahmen 40 available

Luftwaffe Tactics
- paradropped Fallschirmjäger available
- Fallschirmjäger can build wooden bunker.
- Ostwind available

Tank Destroyer Tactics
- Supply truck produces improved panzerschreck instead of standard panzerschreck
- More than 1 Jagdpanther available
- Nashorn available
- Special pionneer can build bunkers with pak43.

Incomplete list of other changes: (refer to the log file for more details)
- set Goliath cost = 85 ammo
- Added standard Tiger in the Tank factory. Only 2 available
- Added smoke cloud ability to Tiger ace.
- Nebelwerfer range increased.
- Added flakvierling to Pioneer construction tree
- Added M26 to Tank Factory (only 2 available)
- Added Calliope to Tank Factory
- Increased grenades max range
- base population set to 70 (instead of 30)
- The M4 'Crocodile' Sherman can have a machine gun upgrade like the standard one.
- Howitzer’s max range increased.
- Creeping barrage bug fixed.
- 25 pounder supercharge bug fixed.
- Firefly ace cost reduced.
- Tigers require Crack Tank Crew to be built.
- minor text bug fixed.
- smoke barrage added to the british radio.
- Pershing gun improved.
- area effect of Tiger gun reduced.
- more squad can be placed inside trenches.
- flammenwerfer added to special pioneer.
- Volkgrenadier added to Panzer Elite, they can be produced in the Kampfgruppe Kompanie and forward HQ.
- HE and HVAP shells added to M10.
- Scouts will also recieve veterancy with the veteran upgrade.
- Panzer IV F can use its coaxial machine gun.
- Commonwealth can convert buildings into forward HQ.
- grenades added to british infantry.
- Wooden bunker added.
- Ostwind added to PE Luftwaffe tactic.
- Nashorn added to PE PanzerJager tactic.
- Air overwatch added to British Captain (Call the RAF required).
- P-47 overwatch added to Airborne division.
- Level 3 Production upgrade added to the US Supply Yard.
- Economy boost upgrade added to all sides.
- A small manual that explain how to play online is given with the installation.
- Machine gun section can enter trenches!
- Axis bunker dummy upgrades fixed
- Aid station heal nearby infantry units
- Triage center can be placed anywhere
- SAS booby trap can be place on strategic point
- PantherTurm and Mortar Bunker Wreck fixed
- US Stuart new skin
- New British paradrop ability
- SAS paradrop recharge time set to 180 seconds.
- sniper pop cost set to 1
- Rebuild vehicles with the Bergetiger pop cost fixed
- 25 pounder pop cost fixed.
- Artillery range increased again.
- Vickers added to British supply truck.
- Only 6 supply trucks available.
- Scenarios location changed, every map in your WW2 folder can be selected with the NHCmod.
- RAF abilities move to the "RADIO" a new "building" of the British. You can call the airstrikes and reinforcement
with the radio.
- Panzerfaust given to the PE tankbusters
- No more grenadiers skin.
- US Stuart and Priest veterancy fixed.
- Mass-produced Sherman cost changed.
- PanzerGrendadiers get 4 Gewehr 43 instead of 2.
- Reserve Regiment added to british. Captain required
- The turrets of the King Tiger and the Tiger ace turn faster
- Blitzkrieg button fixed
- new icons
- Special Pioneer have new skin and can build flakvierling and flak88 (If you chose the luftwaffe)
- Axis Scout skin changed
- Armor Piercing Rounds added to Sherman Firefly
- The M3 HalfTrack can attack aircrafts
- Demo charges can be placed anywhere
- Scout have been changed
- Flakvierling crash fixed (It wasn't because of the Eselschreck!)
- marksman rate of fire improved (he is now equivalent to a sniper)
- flamethrower range of sherman crocodile increased
- King tiger can use smoke barrage and Tank shock like in the campaign
- British weapon crew are no more invincible
- Nebelwerfers and flakvierlings are now repairable
- range of the Fallschirmjäger's grenades increased
- PE panzerschreck are more effective
- Bergetiger do not repair the Pershing anymore
- NeW: Medic that can heal your troops
- New PE upgrade: Elite Tank
It upgrades your tanks so that they start as Elite rank (so the Panzer Elite name make sense)
- Soldiers nearby heroes will fight better
- text for japanese version is now available
- US radioman can call smoke barrage
- Royal Engineer can use wire cutter
- Bren carrier and infantry half-track can hold machine gun squad.
- Nearly all vehicles can crush humans (even the jeep can...)
- Flamethrowers added to Commonwealth.
- The M4 Sherman Crocodile can use smokescreen
- Grenade launchers cause light damage to building
- King Tiger is more effective
- Better support for asian version of CoH
- Pantherturm and Mortar bunker don't leave wreck anymore but are stronger
- The Vampire Half-track will automatically camouflage itself after it stops moving.
- Infantry Company can have veteran infantry.
- Armor company can have veteran tanks.
- The pak38 can use medical kits correctly.
- unload button added to supply trucks.
- Allied wrecked vehicles are visible in the fog of war
- Rate of fire of M1 Garand and M1 Carbine are more realistic.
- Kar98 rifle is more accurate.
- The Gewehr 43 Rifle has 10 bullets like the real one.
- Every Churchill can be upgraded with Mine Plow.
- StuH, Stormtroopers, rangers are buildable when you have the appropriate upgrade in the commander techtree.
- Commando Sniper added to the HQ Glider
- British MG nest don't cost in population anymore.
- Bren carrier has a better acceleration
- More abilities can be used from buildings.
- I can't remember the rest of the changes.


I do not own any CoH or THQ stuff it's the game developers property
I am not responsible if with this mod you corrupt the game, or have some troubles.
for suggestions or bugs, you can contact me. NOT for rants, or your troubles. By installing this mod, you explicitly renounce any legal proceedings.
You can distribute, modify, include my mod as long as it says that it was created by AB2531. Giving me credit and sending me an e-mail will be highly appreciated.
If you found any bug, you can contact the developer by e-mail.

Knowed bug (cannot be fixed)
- Dead corpses move when they are dead.
- AI will either rush you with a lot of tanks or do nothing depending on the map you are playing.
- Flying dead corpses when a building is destroyed.
- pickable MP40 is flying just like a FPS game.
- Wounded panzer grendadiers become darker. It was an experimental feature to add blood but I have failed.

Thanks to Corsix for his wonderful Corsix's Mod Studio
Thanks a million to THQ and Relic, for making such kick-ass games!

Thanks to Kamino, for allowing me to use his radio operator.
Thanks to Lethal Dosage, Speedy, IRGC, djdouge AKA Douglas, flyboy132 for helping me to improve my mod.
Thanks to Tim McCurdy who allowed me to use his Bloody British Buff mod.
Thanks to Kyle243 who allowed me to use his icons.
Thanks to Lethal Dosage for allowing me to use his pantherturm and mortar bunker icon.
Thanks to georider for his Western Front Skins.
Thanks to newBAUS for his Axis defenses! (Featuring flak 88 bunker!)
Thanks to the Blitzkrieg mod because I like it.
Thanks to people who played my previous mod and left some comments.
Special thanks to Paul Binocle for checking some spelling errors.
Thanks to the anonymous guy who translated my mod in japanese. Please contact me so I can give you proper credits.

A ma bien aimée Billie, t'es toujours aussi adorable et trop mignonne, quel dommage qu'on ne puisse pas se supporter l'un l'autre.

or http://www.moddb.com/mods/nhcmod
or http://forums.relicnews.com/showthread.php?t=201081
for updates

mod created by ab2531

REMENBER true war is never cool, CoH is a game. Have fun.

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 » Half-Life 2
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 » Jedi Knight 3
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 » Left 4 Dead 2
 » LOTR: Battle 4 Middle Earth
 » Medal of Honor
 » Operation Flashpoint
 » Quake 4
 » Red Faction: Guerrilla
 » rFactor
 » Silent Hunter 4
 » Sins of a Solar Empire
 » Soldier of Fortune 2
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 » Star Trek: Legacy
 » Star Wars Battlefront 2
 » Star Wars Empire at War
 » StarCraft II
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 » Supreme Commander
 » Team Fortress 2
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